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Blue River Carp, Inc.

Contribution Fund for Stopping the Asian Carp

Contribution Fund for Stopping the Asian Carp

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Contribution Fund for the efforts in removal of Asian Carp.

  1. Removal Efforts: Seventy-five percent of generous contribution will directly fund our efforts to remove Asian carp from affected waterways using sustainable and eco-friendly methods; to include hosting public events and utilizing the commercial fishing community.


  1. Public Awareness: Twenty-five percent of your support will be utilize to raise public awareness about the issue, by educating the communities and local kids about the importance of preserving our native ecosystems. We will also be attending trade show and displaying your sponsorship on our banners and flyers.


  1. Partner Recognition: We are committed to recognizing our partners' contributions through various channels, including our website, social media, public events, and showcasing your commitment to environmental stewardship.
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