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Blue River Carp, Inc.

16oz - Chunks - Approx 4"w x 3"L with approximately 3+ pieces of bait

16oz - Chunks - Approx 4"w x 3"L with approximately 3+ pieces of bait

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1) These Pre-Cut Asian Carp Preserved cut bait pieces - vary in size, shape, and color -

> 16oz or 1lbs package -  Approx 4" wide x 3" Long with at least 3 plus per package

Blood Scent - It has "REAL BEEF BLOOD" infused. It is EXTREMELY STINKY to attract a variety of fish

Garlic Scent - Our Garlic is infused with garlic and garlic is know for catching primarily channel catfish.

Original/Plain - The Original is has a classic fish odor and can be enhanced by adding Cherry, Strawberry, or Grape Kool-Aid to the package.

Shad Scent - Enhanced with herring oil infused into it fish fillets. It will give off a very nice oil sleek. Shad and Skipjack are from the herring family of bait fish and is without a doubt one of the premier baits anywhere in the country, whether live, cut bait or frozen. Our infused cut bait will stay on the hook and it won't go to mushy. 

Signature - The Signature Flavor has "Anise oil" and other items infused into it fish fillets. Will give off a very nice oil sleek and a black liquorise smell. 

2) Catfish are notorious for biting on all kinds of gnarly and smelly baits. Our potent scents draw the in catfish and a flavor that makes catfish bite and hold on longer than they may otherwise do. Our bait is a excellent catfish cut bait cause of the patented-pending process.

3) Our baits are "processed & preserved" and our method maintains the near natural color and texture, however, pieces with vary is size, shape, and color.

4) This cut bait has incredible durability on the hook & shelf-life of months in the original unopened.

5) Blue River Carp catfish bait (preserved Asian carp) is 100% real fish, requires no refrigeration or freezing.

Recommend Storage Procedures: (Bait will naturally vary in color and size) Self-Stable- (means up to 12 months): store at room temperature and “KEEP OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT”. It is freezer safe. We have found that Blue River Carp’s catfish bait should last 18 months or more in the package, even after opening. We leave the bait in the boat year-round and it will maintain the same awesome catching power.

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